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HOW TO HELP: Shaan Ali Khan’s “Close to Home” Initiative

August 30, 2010

For many, helping out is a social duty – an obligation to our compatriots. But for Karachi-based ad-exec Shaan Khan, it’s much more personal. Her family needs help, and this is her appeal…

Hello  Everyone!

I’m sure your inboxes have been flooded with relief effort emails and I know everyone is a little confused about where and how to donate. Well prepare yourself because here comes another one. This is a little more personal however. My mother’s family comes from a village in Sindh called Buddapur. It is located outside Hyderabad/Jamshoro. It consists of about 700 families most of whom are my cousins and relatives. The Shoro clan is currently holed up in the power plant in Hyderabad for the past two weeks and hope to return to their homes in another two weeks when the water is expected to recede. Even though the water levels have exceeded 8 feet in some areas in the village there is still a threat of looting what has not already been destroyed, so some of the villagers have been risking their lives by taking boats back into the village just to keep an eye on things. Last week 4 people died while making that journey.

I know there is a lot to do and most of us don’t know how to start. But this is little close to home and my family has been collecting supplies and money and distributing it to our village. My mom made a trip last weekend with two trucks but it’s not nearly enough.

I have devised a plan to sustain the Shoros until they get back onto their feet. Please bear with me.

a)      Phase 1: The next 2-3 weeks will be spent by the villagers in the power plant as the water is expected to take that long to recede. During this time we need to send them supplies which will keep them going until then. Dry Foods, Cooking Oil, Sanitary Napkins for Women, First Aid boxes, Bottled Water.

b)      Phase 2: In week 4 the villagers will return to what is left of the village. It is expected that most of the houses have been washed away, especially those belonging to the poorer families as their homes are made of mud. At this point we will have to provide monetary relief so they can build their homes.

So you can either contribute to Phase 1 or Phase 2. All distributions will be made in person. You are welcome to accompany me and my mom when we make that trip in two weeks (I’m thinking the weekend). Also monetary distribution will be cataloged and you will receive a receipt with a signature (or thumb print) of the receiver. If you can help…that would be great because I’m kind of doing this alone. Give me a call. Forward this to whomever you want. For the record this is not a part of any NGO initiative. Its just me.

So let me know. Give me a call at 0333-398-9605 or email me at



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