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HOW TO HELP: Zala Zia’s “Celebrity Cook Book” Initiative

August 30, 2010

This is a super cool and uber original project. Zala Zia is kicking off her fundraising cook book project, listing the fav recipes of global celebs. You can contribute on pro bono basis…

I am in the process of creating a fundraising project that brings together high profile individuals to show solidarity for Pakistan in its time of need and maximise their ability to reach out to a wider audience. In a creative and unusual way, I am trying to encourage people, who may not be aware of the crisis situation, to support those suffering.

I decided to make a high profile book, containing the favourite recipes of well-respected celebrities and public figures; a book that the wider public would genuinely want to own, while supporting a humanitarian crisis with its purchase.

I have many people pledging their commitment to the project already, including the ultimate politician Tony Benn, the boxing champ Amir Khan, the legendary George Galloway and the wonderful comedian Omid Djalili.

The book in its entirety, from publishing to launch is being created with people and organisations willing to work pro bono, with all proceeds from the sale of the book going to charity.

Whether it is contacting celebrities, attracting publishers, or convincing media to support the project, it all takes a lot of research, dedication and damn hard work – and I will admit it is extraordinarily difficult to do on my own.

I would be grateful for any support, whether it be introductions to high profile celebrities, meetings with publishing houses, or personal contacts with media.

Your support for my project with words, or actions is greatly appreciated.

To my family and friends who are doing all they can, even in the mere fractions of spare time they have available, I love you and thank you.

You can follow me on twitter @zalazia

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  1. Shamraze Durrani permalink
    September 19, 2010 11:49 pm

    Do not trust Zala Zia and her fundrasing event projects, she has taken wel over £10,000 of me, with no direction or purpose for any good causes, so i caution you all, not to be part of this, if this book gets published, then proceeds will be pocketed by her, make sure that this project and other event are registered and are transparent about how and where the money will be spent in Pakistan, we need accountable standards and practices involved wherever there will be money raised to help any good causes.

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