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HOW TO HELP: The ‘Karachi Underground’s’ 5-Day “Jam” Intiative

August 27, 2010

A few young House Bands will be performing at the famed T2F Cafe in Karachi for 5 days, starting later this week. All proceeds will go towards flood relief.

This event will run from  31 August – 04 September

In an effort to raise money for the survivors of this terrible catastrophe, we ask that you all come together for five nights at The Second Floor and donate generously. There will be peace, love and music filling the hearts and minds of everyone there.
The event is being held for “The Omar Asghar Khan Foundation”, a wonderful organization of hard working individuals dedicated to the relief and rehabilitation of those much less fortunate than ourselves, all around the country.

Coupled with support of the great people at T2F, we were able to get a great venue for five straight nights without any hassle at all, for which they deserve a great big thanks.

A single house band will perform each and every night. But since this is a charity gig, we ask any bands or solo musical acts to respond by giving some of their time to share their talent for those in need. The objective is to keep adding names and their respective performance nights to the list.

THE QUEEN AND THE THIS THING (Faraz Lodhi, Mohammad Sibtain Fazli, Mohammad Agha: House band)

//ORANGENOISE (Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey, Talha Asim Wynne, Faizan Riedinger, Danial Hyatt: performing Tuesday the 31st of August)

SPOONFUL (Hamad Khan, Jasir Abro, Ali Haider, Aziz Kazi: performing Thursday the 2nd of September)

AMIR ZAKI (performing Thursday the 2nd of September)

This is a chance to prove something to ourselves, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a chance to prove that we care enough to make small donations but from so many of us that we can make a potentially staggering amount of money for those affected by the flood.

The donation for entry to the show is Rs. 350.

Any amount paid per person in excess of that number will not be frowned upon. Any private companies interested in sponsoring or promoting this event will receive a special mention plus the freedom to place standees or logos outside the venue.

Spread the word! Invite everyone you know! Post it on your walls! Go insane guys, the more the merrier!

Peace and Love.

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