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VOLUNTEER: Hussain Dada’s “Stimulus” Initiative

August 26, 2010

My friend and former Dawn colleague Hussain Dada just circulated this. These guys do solid work…

To members of Stimulus Pvt. Ltd.

We are looking for committed and dedicated individuals to assist us in our flood relief efforts.

The ongoing flood crises – that has devastated large swathes of our land mass – is one that will require years of effort to overcome.

We are working on a long-term plan for rehabilitation and reconstruction of those affected by the floods. The scope of our work requires man-power in large numbers.

We are counting on the large pool of our friends and supporters – as well as those with the desire to contribute – to step forward and help us ensure that our efforts prove fruitful for the maximum number of people.

Please get in touch and inform us how much time can you contribute on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Drop a line at or/and

You can also call or text me.

Remember: there is strength in numbers.


Hussain Dada
Consultant/Content Developer
Stimulus Pvt. Ltd.

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