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WHERE TO GO: Mosharraf Zaidi’s Comprehensive Listing

August 26, 2010

Writer Mosharraf Zaidi posted this on his blog. I am reposting it for compounded outreach here.

Aug 19, 2010 – Another great collection of links where you can donate:

Aug 17, 2010 – Latest from the UN: Analysis Summary:

Over 2,300 villages and 43 towns were identified as probably severely affected by the flooding, the majority completely inundated or surrounded by flood waters without open land evacuation routes. Over 1,440 km of primary and secondary roads are likely submerged along with almost 300km of railway tracks and 43 bridges.

“Analysis of Flood-Affected Villages, Towns & Infrastructure, Sindh Province”

Aug 16, 2010 -Engro Foundation, stewarded by Asad Umar, has a Rs. 200 million plan to support four districts, two each in Sindh and Southern Punjab. You can learn more, including how to contribute, in this powerpoint presentation: Engro Foundation’s Flood Relief Plans

Aug 15, 2010 – With the floods now having entered week three, folks want to know who they can trust. There are three categories. Pakistani organizations. International organizations. And individuals that I am either working with directly, or whose trustworthiness I feel comfortable endorsing. Here’s the list:

Pakistani civil society:

* TCF Relief: Donate here:

* Edhi Foundation. Contact here:

* Karachi Relief Trust. Contact/Donate here:

International Organizations

Of course, the most robust interal management systems belong to international humanitarian organizations and NGOs, and they do most of their work through Pakistani partners and employees. Some of the most trustworthy options are:

* UK’s Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), which is an alliance of 13 British NGOs, including British Red Cross, Action Aid, Merlin, Oxfam, Islamic Relief and Christian Aid. You can donate here:

* UNHCR, which is a UN organization, with whom I have worked directly on several occasions, is the UN’s premier humanitarian organization. You can donate to UNHCR’s Pakistan flood fund, here:

* Islamic Relief has one of the lowest administrative cost ratios among all international humanitarian NGOs. You can donate here:

* International Committee of the Red Cross/Crescent. Needs no introduction. Donate online, here:


* Ehsaan Kiani of the Islamabad Jeep Club (IJC) has not rested in almost two weeks. He and his colleagues from the IJC have zero admin costs, as they are borne by the group themselves. I visited two camps being supported by Ehsaan and team. You can learn more about their work at the website which also contains contact information for Ehsaan.

* Samad Khurram, who was a prominent student activist during the lawyers’ movement, is working with the Pakistan Youth Alliance and a number of other groups. His activism is on full throttle once again. Samad was in Nowshera at the same time as us on Friday. He can be contacted via e-mail:

* Faisal Kapadia, a Karachi-based blogger, is working with SA Relief and just completed a truck run to Sukkur and Shikarpur. The SA Relief website is: . Faisal can be reached through his Twitter account, @faisalkapadia.


please email, re-post and forward widely …

@Faisal Kapadia’s page:

@US State Dept. Text SWAT to 50555:

@UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee:

@Beena Sarwar’s blog:

@Sam Mirza’s FB page:!/note.php?note_id=451097122802&id=519796991&ref=mf

@All Things Pakistan’s list:

@Pakistan Crisis Wiki:

@Changing Up Pakistan:

@Karachi Relief Trust:

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