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HOW TO HELP: Zainab Jabbar’s SPO Initiative – “Footloose and Concerned? Join a Relief Team and Prove Yourself”

August 23, 2010

If you’re one of those “On the Field” or “Hands On” types, then this is for you.

My friend and neighbour, Zainab Jabbar ( has just circulated this. She is in touch with SPO’s Karachi office. Get in touch if you’re interested in hitting the road and helping out. Read on for details, and good luck.

Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO)

Daily Assessment Updates on Torrential Rain and Flood Situation in Pakistan

August 18, 2010


Over the course of July and early August 2010, Pakistan experienced the worst monsoon-related floods in living memory. Heavy rainfall, flash floods and riverine floods have devastated large parts of Pakistan since the arrival of seasonal monsoon rains on 22 July, 2010. Latest estimates indicate that around 20 million people have been affected by the floods. Assessments are ongoing to ascertain the scale of damages in the affected areas. The official death toll has risen to 1,343, with 1,588 people now reported as injured. The latest NDMA report indicates that over 722,000 houses have been either damaged or destroyed. But the figures may rise further as information from different parts is yet to come.

Details damage assessment is going on across Sindh and Southern Punjab by UN-OCHA and SPO is also part of joint assessment in Sindh. Data currently available indicates that Shikarpur, Kashmore, Jacobabad, Khairpur, Dadu and Naushahro Feroze have been the hardest hit districts in Sindh. Similarly, districts Layyah, D.G. Khan, Muzzafargarh and Rajanpur are hardest hit districts in southern Punjab.

The flood wave continues to make its way through the southern province of Sindh, where millions have been affected from the combined impact of torrential rains and unprecedented water levels in the rivers.

Through rapid assessments, humanitarian agencies are identifying desperate needs of affected communities  and so far identified desperate needs include: food, clean drinking water and purification materials, emergency health services, tents and shelter kits, cooking sets, mosquito nets, and other non-food items (NFI).

In order to facilitate coordinated humanitarian response in the affected areas and enable humanitarian organizations to have substantial planning for their humanitarian activities, SPO, with the support of its partner organizations, initiated rapid assessments in the affected areas and share it with relevant stakeholders in the form of daily update. Date-wise situational update and rapid assessments of damages caused by torrential rains and floods are available on SPO website and can be accessed on URL

Daily update for 18th August 2010, providing details of SPO’s response to the emergency situation and relief activities being carried out for mitigation of the miseries of affected communities across the country, is provided below:

SPO intervention in Flood affected areas till August 18, 2010

Keeping in view the identified desperate needs of affected communities in Sindh, SPO teams besides coordination of humanitarian efforts at Provincial level in Sindh, have initiated various humanitarian interventions. Hitherto, following activities have been carried out and reported:

Sindh Province:

SPO Hyderabad has been coordinated relief activities in majority of flood affected areas in Sindh. Details of SPO supported relief activities throughout the affected areas is provided below:

S# Location of camp District # of individuals Supported by
1 Physical Education College Sukkar 1330 SPO, EOBI
2 Main Bus Stand Sukkar Sukkar 350 SPO
3 Govt Primary School  near railway station Shikarpur 700 SPO
4 Boys Degree College Qasimabad Hyderabad 380 SPO (3 times food and other non food items i.e. water cooler, cups, glasses and plates)
5 Artizon hostel  rest house Bhit shah Matiari 950 inside the camp premises and
350 outside the camp to whom only food is provided
SPO, HANDS, AMADO, Local individuals (Collective pool)
6 OGDC Band Ghotki 750 PLAN International  supporting for 3 times food provision o and SPO partner Organizations are managing the camp
7 Jevan Chachar Ghotki 750 PLAN International  supporting for 3 times food provision o and SPO partner Organizations are managing the camp
8 Ismail Chachar Ghotki 750 PLAN International  supporting for 3 times food provision o and SPO partner Organizations are managing the camp
9 Khairi Goth Ghotki 750 PLAN International and SPO partner Organizations
10 Near Khairi Goth-camp 1 Ghotki 750 -do-
11 Sobho Choran Ghotki 750 -do-
12 Near Khairi Goth-camp 2 Ghotki 750 -do-
13 Medical  Camp- Haji Ismail Chan Ghotki 551 SPO
14 Medical camp at Sobho Chachar Ghotki 215 SPO
15 Medical camp at Government Primary School Sanjar Mallah UC 4.Qasimabad Hyderabad 90 SPO-Partner Organization-Hamdam Development Organization

Relief Camp Assessments:

SPO Hyderabad Team as part of UN Joint Assessment has carried out assessments of existing Relief Camps in Sindh. The main objective of this assessment was to ascertain the on ground situation of these camps and share it with all humanitarian actors to facilitate them in planning relief activities. The Relief Camp Assessment report of relief camps in districts Shikarpur and Dadu are attached herewith.

Annex-A: Relief Camp Assessment Report Shikarpur

Annex-B: Relief Camp Assessment Report Dadu

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province:

D.I. Khan District:

SPO D.I. Khan has initiated comprehensive assessments in all the affected areas/villages of D.I. Khan and hither to assessments of following 6 areas have been completed:

1. Village Fazal Abad, U.C.  Dhap Shumali

2. Village Jhok Kat, U.C. Mandran Kalan

3. Village Jhook Valiya, U.C.  Mandran Kalan

4. Village Meekan, U.C.  Mandran Kalan

5. Village Saholan Jhok , U.C. Mandran Kalan

6. Thota, U.C. Mandran Kalan

In order to facilitate humanitarian organizations in planning relief activities in these areas, we are sharing the above mentioned reports as attachments.

Charsada District

Keeping in view the identified health care needs in the area, SPO team organized various Mobile Medical Camps in affected areas of District Charsadda. Details these mobile camps along with number of patients treated is provided below:

Union Council Village Male Female Children Total patients Diseases/comments
Nissata Bhatti Korona 33 65 60 158 Skin allergy, Dirrheal, upper respiratory, eyes and urinary tract infections
Hisar Yasin Zai Aba Bakri Qulfi Korona 48 76 86 210 infected skin  condition, uppper respiratory tract infection, otitis externa.
Rajar Ameerabad 220 103 111 434 Bacteriol Skin infection, colic pain, colic pain in children and peptic disease

Punjab Province:


Keeping in view the vast devastation caused by floods in Muzaffargarh, SPO Multan with the support International Organizations for Migration (IOM) have initiated distribution of Shelter and NFIs in severly affected areas which include; Mehmood Kot, Kotadu, Budh, Ckowk Munda, Head Bekani, Langar Siran, Khanpur Bagha Sher, Peer Jahanian, Qasba Gormani near Sanawan and Daira Deen Pana. Hither to 2325 households have been provided shelter kits and NFIs.

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